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IT's a mess


It's a Mess

Starring Vincent D'onofio

A homeless veteran (Vincent D'Onofrio)...two young sisters with a dark secret...part modern day fairytale, part ode to the solitude of New York City nights. IT'S A MESS is a study of the loneliness that comes from knowing that in this "civilized" world , innocence and evil are separated only by
a fine mist that dissipates after sunset.

In this strange setting, an encounter with the wrong person can make you ill and that deep in the root of your problem may hide the secret that can cure what ails you. Our two sisters learn this, and also that the only true empathy for the marginalized comes from each other. One needs to believe that no matter how much of a mess things become, you can howl at the moon - and someone just might howl back.

Directed by: Frank Prinzi
 Produced by: Christopher Yoon and Owen Rosenblum

Winner of Los Angeles Film Festival